Tierra Bio Char - From Forest Fuels to Soil Enhancement

Early profile of biochar operations posted at the international biochar institute HERE

Bio Char

Sinking Carbon - Enhancing Soil

Most forest fuel reduction ends in waste and carbon emissions. Chumstick Bio Char takes excess biomass, goes pyrolytic, and sequesters a majority of the carbon to be returned to the soil base as an amendment.

CHUMSTICK BIO CHAR - Our value added forest product

It's all in the carbon - a nearly pure carbon structure offers soil microorganisms an enormous amount of surface area - bio char retains moisture and boosts soil's Cation Exchange Capacity.

WORMS LOVE CHAR - As seen at Tierra Garden Organics

Inoculate raw char - mix 50/50 with compost and start your own germination tests - mix with soil and plant those seedlings. Anecdotal evidence claims amazing growth.