A Community Based Organization Fostering Stewardship, Inclusiveness & Positive Growth

The Tierra Learning Center is an umbrella organization holding our community of individuals and business together on 320 acres in the North Central Cascade Foothills with a shared vision of how to get positive things accomplished. Tierra Learning Center's business and non-profit enterprises all have web sites linked on the left - together we promote sensible stewardship of the land, positive and life-long learning and a spirit of inclusion. Please check out What's Happening at Tierra.

Our Retreat Center offers groups exclusive use of our upper canyon area - please see Tierra Retreat for more information.

6 Week Intro to Pottery course starts Monday April 14 th

WE BIRD! Tierra's an ongoing sponsor and offers great overnight accommodations packages for the weekend of May 16-18 - take a look!

 Instructor Ken Lallemont  brings tree felling techniques gleaned from around the world into a complete training program that will change the way you work in the woods.

Precision tree felling and small diameter thinning hosted by the Tierra Forestry program.