Tierra's Forest Operations Certified

This is the symbol you might see on your envelope bills, mail-order catalog or Kleenex box.

FSC® stands for the Forestry Stewardship CouncilTM; a body that certifies that the entire chain of custody in a wood products span is managed  to a base level of environmental care.

The organization is world wide and does its best work in places with corrupt or lax government regulation. The standards are necessarily broad.

What does it mean for a small landowner in the pacific northwest? We did do some commercial harvesting this past year and sold nary a "FSC" log - there is no market for anything right now. in terms of certification, I think that there could be a new standard for special "local" operations - maybe FSC Green. I would like to see bio-mass and by-product utilization addressed.

There are other certifying bodies -  the Tree Farmers of America seems to be popular with the traditionalists.around these parts.

In the end, for us as a learning center and a public venue, it's a really nice gate sign signifying our commitment to  forethought with our forestry operations.

Tierra membership’s FSC License Code FSC-C008225